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Company Philosophy

Creating a future
in which metal leaf is there next to us


We pass down the traditional entsuke Kanazawa gold leaf production technique, thus contributing to the preservation of Japanese national treasures and important cultural assets.
We preserve metal leaf’s absolute value, transforming it into the value of people living now.

Action Principle

With sincerity and care
We make it our action principle to take care in each process of metal leaf production, such as manufacturing and application, introducing metal leaf’s merits, delivering quality products to our customers and all other processes and fields in our business.
We understand that “sincerity and care” means putting our soul into our work, understanding the true nature of things and pursuing supreme quality.
We aim to realize quality production, information dissemination and quality service through the sincere treatment of metal leaf, people and our work.

President’s Message

Designing a future with metal leaf by preserving
it for future generations
Creating a future in which metal leaf is there next to us
We have consistently produced the traditional entsuke gold leaf since the establishment of Takaoka Gold Leaf Shop by my grandfather, a metal leaf pounding worker, around 100 years ago. HAKUZA Inc. was later established to expand our business in order to increase metal leaf’s possibilities.
In 2023, HAKUZA Group (TAKAOKA SEIHAKU Inc. / HAKUZA Inc.) celebrates its 70th anniversary of incorporation.
The places and occasions requiring metal leaf change with time.
In recent years, every metal leaf company has been developing new products using the various properties and possibilities of materials.
While passing down the traditional entsuke technique of gold leaf production, thus contributing to the preservation of important cultural assets, we constantly review what metal leaf can offer the people living today. “HAKUHIN” metal leaf products were created based on this philosophy.
Furthermore, in the spring of 2023 we started the production of “HAKU WORKS”.
We will reconsider metal leaf’s attributes, possibilities and value, and propose various new materials, spatial expressions and uses of metal leaf.
We will also actively collaborate with other business fields.
Our fundamental mission is to pass down metal leaf to the next generation, as well as preserving its techniques by training skilled workers.
In this world that often arouses anxieties, we will endeavor to realize a future society in which metal leaf exists naturally and inevitably and makes people feel happy and relaxed.
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HAKUZA Official
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