Giving shape to gold leaf expression
(Custom orders for works using metal leaf)


Valuing metal
leaf’s expressions

At HAKUZA, each time we touch gold leaf, with its thickness of 0.1 micron, we understand how people have valued and used gold since ancient times, and it further strengthens our resolve to fulfill our mission of passing it down to the next generation. Metal leaf shows various expressions depending on the material used, and the hands of superb craftsmen create a surreal charm. It shines as something of value just by existing. We want to express metal leaf in new forms, which have never existed before. With an emphasis placed on metal leaf’s expressions, we have named our new custom products HAKU WORKS.

Incomparable beauty created through the combination of metal leaf and base materials.

We accept orders that combine the metal leaf and base materials of your choice, and offer innovative products using our original processing technologies and designs.

*Cash register counter in the HAKUZA Nihonbashi store

The process of devotedly manufacturing metal leaf and applying it to base materials is similar to giving life. Metal leaf given life by craftsmen offers not only luxury and beauty, but also sublimity and comfort.


Development and production of metal leaf

Development of original metal leaf with new expressions, while preserving traditional skills and technology

*Pure Gold Platinum Leaf 〈Towa color、Kuon color〉

* Sulfidized silver leaf

We have developed “Pure Gold Platinum Leaf” suitable for outdoor use
In 2002, though considered difficult due to the difference between melting points, we succeeded in creating the world’s first alloy of pure gold and platinum. We developed two types of Pure Gold Platinum Leaf.
Although extremely close to being pure gold, the towa-color possesses a distinctive hue, due to its 1% platinum content. Kuon-color is close to champagne gold.
Pure Gold Platinum Leaf is suitable for outdoor use, since it contains no substances that can cause discoloration.

We have recently developed a new type of metal leaf through sulfidation. We will continue to develop and manufacture new types of metal leaf.

*In 2020, traditional entsuke gold leaf was designated as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

New material / technique development

Development of new materials and technology in collaboration with other companies

*This picture is a depiction of the product

We will continue to pursue new metal leaf possibilities to maximize its potential. Metal leaf’s potential and possibilities are infinite, including things such as the creation of new materials and spatial application approaches through collaboration with other companies.


HAKUZA Nihonbashi HAKU WORKS showroom
1st floor, COREDO Muromachi 1, 2-2-1 Nihonbashi-muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022 Japan
Weekdays, 11:00am~5:00pm (reservation required)


We have two types of custom orders for works using metal leaf: custom orders and semi-custom orders.

Custom-made work flow
  • 01

    Inquiry (reservation)
  • 02

  • 03

    Product proposal and quotation
  • 04

    Sample creation
    (charge applies)
  • 05

    Final quotation
  • 06

    Contract and production

[ For customers considering ordering ]

We cannot accept custom orders for metal leaf application on products and parts, etc. sold by individuals or businesses. Please also be aware that we may decline requests for quotations for which details such as delivery dates and specifications are uncertain.


※900×900㎜/Pure Gold Platinum Leaf Towa color/Toki, utsuroi
※Hiraoshi/Toki, utsuroi/Kazemazeyuki/Kumoma-no-tsukikage

At HAKUZA Nihonbashi, we offer metal leaf art panels that you can order by selecting the panel size (three types), metal leaf (six types) and application technique (four types).
Please enjoy the expressions of metal leaf, which can be used in daily life such as in the entrances of private residences, living rooms, bedrooms and hotel rooms.

*300×300mm: 50,000 yen~, 600×600mm: 150,000 yen~, 900×900mm: 300,000 yen~ (without tax)

*Delivery will be approximately 1~1.5 months after ordering.


  • Automatic door at Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa (Ishikawa)

    Pure Gold Platinum Leaf (towa-color) with Indian ink
    Base material: stainless steel
    Design and construction: Takenaka Corporation

  • Reception desk at Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa (Ishikawa)

    Pure Gold Platinum Leaf (towa-color) with Indian ink
    Base material: wood
    Design and construction: Takenaka Corporation

  • Indoor lighting at Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa (Ishikawa)

    Pure Gold Platinum Leaf (towa-color)
    Base material: iron

  • Indoor lighting at Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa (Ishikawa)

    Pure Gold Platinum Leaf (towa-color)
    Base material: glass

  • HAKUZA Gold Leaf Room at Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo (Ginza)

    Pure Gold Platinum Leaf (towa-color)
    Base material: acrylic and PVC panels
    Design and construction: Kajima Corporation

  • Automatic door at Gold Leaf Crafts Studio (Ishikawa)

    Pure Gold Platinum Leaf (towa-color)
    Base material: aluminum
    Design and construction: Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Muromachi showroom spatial expression at HAKUZA Nihonbashi (Tokyo)

    Pure Gold Platinum Leaf (towa-color) with Indian ink
    Base material: aluminum sheeting (covered with Japanese traditional paper)

  • Reimei-no-maku (Dawn Film) artwork at Nihonbashi β project (Tokyo)

    Silver leaf with Indian ink
    Base material: cloth (butcher, black thread-dyeing)

  • Metal leaf artwork at HAKUZA Nihonbashi (Tokyo)

    Pure Gold Platinum Leaf (towa-color)
    Base material: PVC

  • Sales counter at Chaya Bijin (Ishikawa)

    Pure Gold Platinum Leaf (towa-color)
    Base material: metal

  • Interior decoration at Tokyo Midtown Pop-up Shop (Roppongi)

    Pure Gold Platinum Leaf (towa-color)
    Base material: PVC

  • Gold leaf panel at Takumi Artisans (Singapore)

    24k gold leaf
    Base material: wood

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