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Manufacturing and applying metal leaf with sincerity and care.
Using our established technology, we manufacture quality gold leaf at our Gold Leaf Workshop and create gold leaf products utilizing its beauty at our Gold Leaf Crafts Studio.

Metal leaf is not just a material; it’s a rare product created in our workshop by craftsmen who put their heart and soul into it. Our craftsmen in the Gold Leaf Crafts Studio then make the most of this valuable material with sensitivity and sound techniques.
Both the Gold Leaf Workshop and Gold Leaf Crafts Studio make it their guiding principle to manufacture products with utmost care.
These two facilities are the embodiment of our corporate philosophy and attitude toward manufacturing.

Gold Leaf Workshop

Manufacturing quality metal leaf and passing down the techniques
The former gold leaf workshop was renovated into a clean, highly functional workshop in 2015 for the production of purpose-made gold leaf.

Since metal leaf is a material that is applied to various products, we manufacture it with absolute dedication to quality. As a metal leaf manufacturer, our workshop, which produces high quality metal leaf, is a crucial foundation.

In addition to being used in the repair of national treasures and important cultural assets, entsuke gold leaf is also used for food, while tachikiri gold leaf is the technique used in mainstream applications.
At the Gold Leaf Workshop, we manufacture both types of gold leaf with careful attention to the purpose of use.

The workshop also plays an important role in the training of craftsmen who will pass down the traditional techniques. One of our important missions is to continue to produce traditional entsuke gold leaf and pass down the techniques to future generations.

The workshop preserves and passes down Japanese tradition and culture through the production of quality metal leaf and craftsmen’s training.

Gold Leaf Crafts Studio

Craftsmen create beautiful valuable HAKUHIN products with their hearts and hands.
We have named these products HAKUHIN. They are produced under our sincere approach toward production as well as our pursuit and maximization of metal leaf’s potential and beauty.

The Gold Leaf Crafts Studio creates various products such as tableware, interior goods and accessories with careful handiwork. The base material goes through pretreatment, glue is applied to the surface, the gold leaf is placed and the surface is coated. In all processes, from metal leaf placement to top-coating, we pursue metal leaf’s potential and beauty as suited to each product. We also carry out additional processes to fully utilize the material’s potential and beauty.

For instance, in the production of our representative accessory line “acrylic bangles”, which are entirely covered by metal leaf, we layer two sheets of metal leaf to create deep expressions and repeat coating and polishing many times to produce a sophisticated, beautiful gloss. Our work is efficient yet consistently careful, never sparing the necessary effort. We are meticulous in every process; our workers’ hearts and souls are put into the products.

“HAKUHIN products cannot be made through technique alone. They are products made with our hearts and hands to realize metal leaf’s beauty.” (Chief craftsman, Gold Leaf Crafts Studio)

We value humanity highly in our work, because we believe that HAKUHIN can only be produced through rich sensitivity to metal leaf, as well as technique. We place more importance on workers’ attitudes toward metal leaf than on productivity and efficiency, and want to feel a warm human touch in our studio. The studio, therefore, is equipped not only with safe, functional equipment, but also an environment that allows our workers to pursue their ideal manufacturing styles.

HAKUZA Gold Leaf Crafts Studio offers HAKUHIN products with the intrinsic value of metal leaf, embodying our philosophy.


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